Have a Tough Decision To Make? Take a Vacation.
Have a tough-life-changing decision to make (such as a new job, relocating, breaking off a bad relationship)?
Take a 2-7 day vacation. You'll likely know what you need to do by the time you get back.
Ever notice how when you are coming back from a vacation - you feel rejuvenated, re-energized, inspired, ready to get back to take on the world?
Sometimes we need to separate ourselves from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life to better clear our heads of all the clutter so we can see clearer.
One of my favorite messages ever told in a song was by JJ Grey & Mofro in a song called Lochloosa. He was telling a story while the music was rolling.
He was talking about how sometimes you just need to go to that place that "takes you away from the world of problems, the world of worry, the world of care. A place where you can leave all the bullshit behind. And forget about all the stuff you gotta deal with when you leave there."
"Someone said to me," "you just go there to escape from reality," "and I thought about that for a moment and was like, well, yeah, maybe I do go there to escape reality, but then I was like, nah hoss, you got it backward, I go there to get to reality and get away from all these problems that I invent."
Mic-drop. Enough said. I love this message and believe it to be so powerful, simple and, true.
Next time you are facing a potentially life-changing decision, get away for a vacation. Clear your mind from the world of problems, worry, and care and, the right answer to the decision you are looking to make will likely appear clearer.
Another great way of figuring out the right answers to life-changing decisions is through a little known mental framework known as "Fear Setting". Learn more about the "Fear Setting" framework here.

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